Stick to what you know and strive to do it better than your competitors.

Morehouse is one company that has always stayed one step ahead of the competition. Since we first began making mustard in 1898, we’ve remained focused on committed to making it better than our competitors. In recent years, we have created a number of new varieties to satisfy the creative desires of the 21st Century consumer.

Morehouse didn't achieve its expertise and position in the condiment industry overnight. It's been a long, successful journey that has spanned 100 years and five generations. The company's philosophy to "stick to what you know and strive to do it better than your competitors" seems to have worked well.

Even after years of steady growth in sales and distribution, Morehouse Foods has remained a privately owned and highly efficient corporation, ever-focused on their "niche" market of mustards and horseradish. In 2000, an affiliate, Morehouse Canada, was opened to greatly expand the distribution of the company's products throughout the world.